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Hiring Criteria for Little Friends Learning Center - Preschool and Child Care Center
Little Friends Learning Center - fulltime preschool and child care - Ages 6 weeks to 6 years



Hiring Criteria

The director is responsible for screening and selecting qualified teachers.  The following factors are given consideration in the selection process:

1.     Education and work experience

2.     Spiritual maturity and Christian commitment.

3.     Ability to work effectively with children, parents and coworkers.

4.     Knowledge of child development

5.     Submission of an approved criminal background check as required by the Colorado Department of Child Care.

6.     Providing a current physical that verifies that the applicant is physically and emotionally capable of caring for young children on a regular basis and a negative tuberculosis test.

7.     Recommendations from a minimum of three work related and personal references.

In addition to these requirements all faculty are responsible for completing in-service training hours, as required by the Division of Child Care and they must maintain a current CPR and First Aid Certification. The center administrators will observe and meet with each faculty member individually to determine their training needs and develop a Professional Development Plan.

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